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Think climate change. Be waterwise.

It’s easy to make small waterwise changes in your garden

Perth’s groundwater is a precious resource, and so is your garden. Here are some tips to help you use groundwater wisely in your garden.

Being groundwater wise does not mean your garden needs to be brown, artificial or dull. It can be the envy of your neighbourhood, looking lush and green and textural. It can provide a cooling and calming effect. It can be a space to play and relax, and still be groundwater wise.

We visited Josh Byrne and Sabrina Hahn in their gardens for expert advice on how we can plan and maintain wonderful groundwater wise gardens. Watch the videos on the pages waterwise gardens, lawns and verges, maintain your garden bore, adjusting to a two day sprinkler roster and groundwater wise gardening in a drying climate .

Planning a waterwise garden and using the right pump and water-efficient sprinklers are where the bulk of groundwater savings can be made.

Choosing the most efficient sprinklers to suit your garden and water pressure can be tricky. The right advice, such as how to avoid wind drift, overspray and water wastage, is easier to get than you may think.

If you need help planting a new garden, redesigning your existing garden or choosing the right sprinklers, there are endorsed waterwise specialists who can do this for you. If you’re handy and want to do it yourself, there are waterwise design shops where you can get quality advice and products.

Adopting other waterwise habits – such as switching off sprinklers before or after it rains, adjusting your sprinkler run times down during autumn and spring, mulching your garden and maintaining your bore, pipes and sprinklers – will reduce water consumption further, reduce power required for the bore pump and can potentially save you money.

If we all take waterwise steps in our gardens, we can save our precious groundwater and adapt our gardens to be more waterwise and climate resilient. Being groundwater wise can help us reach our ambition of Perth being a leading waterwise city – a cool, liveable, green and sustainable place despite climate change.

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